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How to submit a bug

If you find our capability data to be incorrect, we want to hear from you!

First please make sure you’re using the most recent version of the .browser file. If the bug still appears in the current file, search through the list of existing issues to see if a work item has already been filed that matches your bug. If you find an existing issue, please vote and/or comment on it.

If you're the first person to bring up the issue, please create a new work item, following the steps below.

Set the Title to match the following format:
[Data] Manufacturer Name - Device Name: Optional summary

In the Description, please provide the following information:
  1. The browser running on the device
  2. The content of the User-Agent header that it sends
  3. The content of the X-OperaMini-Phone-UA header (if present)
  4. The content of the X-Device-User-Agent header (if present)
  5. A summary of the bug that indicates how you determined the value(s) to be incorrect and then write the correct values for the capabilities in question in this format:
== capabilities
capabilityName1 = correctValue1
capabilityName2 = correctValue2
capabilityName3 = correctValue3

Tip! If you visit this page with a device it will display all the HTTP headers that the device sends

In Work Items Details, set the Assigned To value to MDBFSupport. The other values may be left at their defaults.

Once we’ve read and triaged your bug, someone from the team will mark it as Active and keep you updated on its status.


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