how to add .browser file for overriding the particular mobile model settings

Jul 16, 2009 at 3:37 PM

Hi All,

I am new to mobile development and tried to use MDBF in our new project.  We used MDBF in our project and checked our pages using Nokia N73 model, pages are working fine.  Checked the MDBF browser file for finding which browser tag supplying Nokia N73 capabilities and found there are some 9 sequences (browser) represening Nokia N73 model alone.  

  1. Please explain how this 9 sequences of browser tags are processed to get that 64 capabilities of Nokia N73?  

  2. As per the requirement, we want to override some of the properties like screenwidth, screenheight...etc.  How do we achive this by using MDBF, heard that we can add .browser file for that particular mobile device to override the capabilties.  Can you please share the sample of any mobile device browser file to override the capabilites which found in the MDBF.

  3. Where we need to drop this N73.browser file, inside devices folder or outside devices folder?  (App_Browsers/Devices/N73.Browser or App_Browsers/N73.Browser)

Please bear me with me if the above questions are stupid.  Thanks in advance.


JR Kumar





Jul 17, 2009 at 2:47 PM

Created N73.browser file and dropped in the App_Browsers/Devices location for overriding the MDBF mobile capabilities.  And in the test page, we displaying height and width of mobile device.  After dropping the N73.browser file when we testing the page, it is not displaying the height and width overriding values (96 and 72).   Below listing the N73.browser file schema.

 <browser id="N73" parentID="deviceShim">
   <userAgent match="^N73$" />
        <capability name="screenPixelsHeight" value="96" />
        <capability name="screenPixelsWidth" value="72" />

Please let me know whether the above steps are correct for overriding the MDBF mobile capabilities for the particular mobile, (here NokiaN73).  It is a very urgent requirement and any feedback would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.